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Swaddlebees Bamboo breast pads10.00

Swaddlebees Bamboo breast pads

If you want 100% natural fabric next to your breast at this important time then these breastpads are for you. Made with two outer layers of 100% organic cotton velour and a hidden inner layer of 100% organic cotton french terry. The organic Cotton velour is just about the softest natural fabric you will come across and has the advantage of staying soft wash after wash, even in hard water areas. Also available in lovely soft absorbent bamboo. These pads are 12.5cm (5") in diameter and will shape nicely to the breast, fitting discretely into your bra.

Available in natural organic cotton or bamboo.

Available in two sizes:

Regular (12 cm diameter)
Large (15 cm diameter)

Care Instructions:

Handwash with mild wool soap, rinsing the pads under the running lukewarm water. Squeeze excess water and air dry in a clean place. Do not soak the pads because this may wash out some of the purified lanolin. Do not use any chemicals, fabric softener or bleach.

Rinse the pads initially every day when you have a lot of milk. After the milk has settled, it is recommended that you rinse the pads at least once a week. Rinse the pads lightly before first use.

Made of 100% New Zealand Merino Wool.  You should expect a 5% shrinkage in the first rinse due to the nature of the material.

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