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DryBib Bandana bib


Mulberry Spots

Citrus Spots

Red Hearts

Skulls Black

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Welsh Dragons

Navy Blue Stripes

Blue Polka Dots


Baby Blue

DryBib Bandana bibs

Comfortable 'stay-dry' bibs

We couldn't resist offering these bibs to you as they are the softest and most comfortable bibs we have come across! Ideal for babies that dribble a lot, for during teething, or who 'spit up' some milk after feeding, these bibs will help to keep your baby's clothing dry without the use of an uncomfortable waterproof layer, and helps to protect against dribble rash. The unique combination of cotton and fleece means that the outer cotton layer absorbs wetness whilst the fleece under-layer acts as a barrier, preventing the clothing from becoming wet. The 'tunnel' fleece disperses the wetness, creates airflow and allows moisture to evaporate so the bib dries quickly.

DryBib Bandana Bibs do not contain any plastic or PVC. They fasten behind the neck with nickel free poppers.

These bibs are certainly baby-kind, but how are these bibs eco-friendly you might ask? Well ask any mum who has a dribbling baby about the washing created by changing baby's clothing several times a day!

Combination Selections Stock Level
Colour: Lavender
Low Stock!
Colour: Mulberry Spots
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Colour: Citrus Spots
Low Stock!
Colour: Red Hearts
Low Stock!
Colour: Skulls - Black
Low Stock!
Colour: Skulls - Red
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Colour: Skulls - Pink
Low Stock!
Colour: Welsh Dragons
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Colour: Navy Blue Stripes
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Colour: Cream
Low Stock!
Colour: Baby Blue
Low Stock!

Finalist in the "must have" category at the BPA Baby and Child Show, these cool 'scarf' design bibs are designed to have a 'kerchief' look to complement your child's outfit, and come in a range of eye-catching, cool or cute designs.

All bibs are backed with a thin layer of fleece in a complementary colour to the cotton fabric design.

Quick drying and comfy for your baby, these are ideal for those teething months for everyday wear or for something special.

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