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LilyPadz reusable non-absorbent breast pads are the only breast pads that stick to you and not your bra. LilyPadz unique design maintains pressure on the nipple and forms a non-absorbent barrier to prevent to prevent breast milk leakage. LilyPadz are flexible, breathable and virtually invisible to provide the kind of protection every expectant and nursing mother needs.

The LilyPadz (shaped like Lily Pads!) Breast Pads actually stop your milk from leaking out so no more accidents and no more sour milk smell. They can be washed with a little soap or washing up liquid, air dried and reused straight away so you'll only ever need one pair. No more inconvenient pad exchanges, and you and your clothes stay dry!

No Leaks. No Lines. No worries.

  • Utilises pressure to prevent leakage
  • Invisible under clothing
  • Continuously usable
  • Nothing else to buy
  • Can be worn swimming
  • Can be worn braless
  • Easy to apply
  • Cheaper than boxes and boxes of disposables!

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