BumGenius Organics are here!

November 10th, 2011

Finally, the deliver is here, the stock is uploaded and the orders are coming in on the bumgenius organic all-in-one nappies. These have always been one of TeeHee Baby’s best sellers and they are here to stay. I have made a commitment to keeping the BumGenius Organic nappies in stock (to the best of my ability) so order now for quick delivery.

BumGenius coming in 2-3 days

October 25th, 2011

Okay, I may have jumped the gun a bit, but I will definitely be getting BumGenius Organics in stock in the next day or two. Every colour and our normal great price. These are hot off the container and they never stay in stock long so get them while you can! BumGenius Organics, All in one reusable nappies ready to order, shipped by the end of the week! Hooray!

BumGenius Organics back in stock

October 11th, 2011

I’m getting a big delivery of BumGenius Organics in the next couple of days and will ahve every colour in stock, so watch this space. The best thing about buying BumGenius Organics from TeeHee Baby is the bulk discounts you can get. These are currently:

If you buy 1-4 Nappies they cost £17.00 each
If you buy 5-9 Nappies they cost £16.50 each
If you buy 10-14 Nappies they cost £16.00 each
If you buy 15 or more Nappies they cost only £15.50 each!
But be aware that these will change to the rrp soon so get your discounted BumGenius nappies while you can. Also, TeeHee Baby loves everything Bum Genius so look out for the Flip, Econobum and BumGenius Newborn Nappies coming soon. if you want a special order of these before they get in stock then Contact Us to ask!

Woolly Wraps now in the clearance section

June 14th, 2011

Whether you used these gorgeous woolly wraps pants and woolly wraps shorties as the breathable water resistant (once lanolised) wraps they are designed for, or just totally cute outerwear, now they are discounted, they are even better value for money!

Bitti Tutto pics fixed

June 14th, 2011

So after the longest time, I have finally got the pitcures for the itti bitti tutto fixed! Now at last, people can actually see what they are ordering! Woo hoo! I have all colours in stock but at the current cheap price, that isn’t going to last for long. Order your bargain bitti tuttos or any other products from the itti bitti nappies range right here!

Itti Bitti Delivery

October 19th, 2010

You’ll be pleased to know that I have just had a new delivery of itti bitti d’lish and itti bitti tutto nappies. Find them in the itti bitti brand section. Also, watch this space for extra inserts for the bitti tutto being uploaded in the next couple of days!

Itti Bitti Tutto In Stock

September 10th, 2010

The brand new itti bitti tutto are here and ready to be shipped out. The new one-size nappy from itti bitti is just as gorgeous as you’d expect. It’s innovative and slim and sure to be immensly popular with cloth nappy users. Due to high demand I have already sold out of the itti bitti tutto in turquoise, navy, purple and lime, but have stock of all the other 14 colours. The product listing doesnt seem to want to show all the pictures, but if you can get it in your basket you can order it. Just be quick as the next delivery from itti bitti is not expected until the end of October!

Itti Bitti Tutto

September 8th, 2010

For anyone who doesn’t know, itti bitti are an australian nappy company who know what they’re doing. The bitti d’lish is a firm favourite with cloth nappy users thanks to it’s innovative “snap-in” bamboo inserts. They are super slim and come in 15 (soon to be 18) gorgeous colours. The itti bitti d’lish also comes in three sizes for a really great fit.

“So, what is the Tutto all about?” I hear you say. Well, the down side of sized nappies is that you have to buy more nappies, and so to answer this dilemma the one size was born. The one size or birth to potty nappy grows as your child does, either through poppers or through clever elastic (see our starter advice for more information).

Up until now, itti bitti have not ventured into the one-size arena, but earlier this year they announced the upcoming launch of the itti bitti tutto; a one-size snap in one nappy that comes in itti bitti’s gorgeous colours (including the 3 new ones…bubblegum, silver and navy blue). I have just been informed that the itti bitti tutto nappies have left the UK distributor and are one their way to me, so I’ll hopefully get them tomorrow and can start sending orders straight away!!! Hooray!!!

Itti Bitti Tutto on Preorder

September 2nd, 2010

Well, the New nappy from itti bitti the itti bitti tutto is officially in the UK! My order should be arriving in the next few days, which means that if you order from TeeHee Baby you could get your very own bitti tutto by the end of next week! We don’t have a hage number coming, and the next delivery is not arriving for another four weeks so order your itti bitti tutto today!

Bulk discount for itti bitti d’lish

August 30th, 2010

I’m sure you’ll all be very pleased to know that we have a bulk discount off our itti bitti nappies. Now, the more you buy, the less each costs! Find the ever popular itti bitti d’lish in the sized nappy section or go to the itti bitti brand from the “shop by option” of the teehee baby homepage.