Happy New Year!

Happy new Year to everyone reading :) I wish everyone a happy and healthy one!

Things in the office has been slow the last few weeks as we have been pretty much snowed in!  Beautiful but frustrating when your chomping at the bit to get back to work after christmas!

I thought I would come and blog about LilyPadz Disposable Breast Pads today as they are product of the week and we think they are pure genius to all nursing parents out there!

These little silicone shells sell for £15 which is fantastic value for money as they are reusable breast pads.  The main feature of the breast pads is their ability to adhere to your skin rather  than your clothes (whilst still being breathable). :) this allows you to go braless at night, prevents slippage which inevitably results in leakage, gives you the freedom to go swimming and means you arent walking around carrying around stale milk!  Not attractive.

Lilypads are also super slim meaning you will not be walking around with two visible circles in your bra! They are entirely invisible giving you the confidence to look great :)

One or two pairs of Lilypadz can also be reused again and again resulting in being a lot cheaper than boxes and boxes of disposables so these little amazing things are also credit conscious too!! So what are you waiting for mummies?  These are truly not to be missed :)


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