Inch Blue Shoes

Inch Blue shoes are a fantastic first shoe for any baby, from newborn to the early toddling days.  The inch blue shoes are made in Wales out of the softest butter leather making them both comfortable and kind to tiny toes. 

Chiropodist designed, the inch blue shoes will not intefere with foot development in any way.  The inch blue shoes are also designed with soft elastic to ensure they stay snugly on the foot without being uncomfortable on delicate skin.  Any mum will know how baby socks are constantly falling off and tiny toes still manage to get cold? well this is the best option… me as a parent….inch blue shoes are simply amazing!!

Inch Blue shoes come in so many differnt designs, colours and patterns they are the perfect acsessory to any outfit.  The inch blue shoes are also fantastic for those young babies beginning to try their hand at standing and walking!

Inch Blue shoes are very reasonalbly priced, the come in a beautiful inch blue bag and make a perfect gift for birthdays, christmas, christenings or for a newborn gift! 

Grab your Inch blue shoes whilst you can as they are very popular :)

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