Baby Kangas washable nappy!

Baby Kangas real nappies are currently exclusive to in the uk.  Available in 14 fabulous colours its a real nappy lovers heaven!

These real nappies are one size so only one set of washable nappies is needed to be purchased as these amazing real nappies will grow with your baby from birth to potty training via a popper system at the front of the nappy.

The baby Kangas real nappies are pocket nappies, meaning that you stuff your absorbent inserts into a pocket.  This allows you to have compete control over the absorbency of your real nappy.  Being able to separate the absorbent inserts from the real nappy allows for easy washing and easy drying making the care of these cloth nappies quick and easy and almost entirely hassle free!!  The pocket is located at the front of the cloth nappy via a zip (hence the baby kangas name) allowing for easy extraction on changing!

These nappies are simply brilliant with the amazing rainbow of colours to chose from, the fantastic design and ease of use!  Try one today :)

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