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Inch Blue Shoes

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Inch Blue shoes are a fantastic first shoe for any baby, from newborn to the early toddling days.  The inch blue shoes are made in Wales out of the softest butter leather making them both comfortable and kind to tiny toes. 

Chiropodist designed, the inch blue shoes will not intefere with foot development in any way.  The inch blue shoes are also designed with soft elastic to ensure they stay snugly on the foot without being uncomfortable on delicate skin.  Any mum will know how baby socks are constantly falling off and tiny toes still manage to get cold? well this is the best option… me as a parent….inch blue shoes are simply amazing!!

Inch Blue shoes come in so many differnt designs, colours and patterns they are the perfect acsessory to any outfit.  The inch blue shoes are also fantastic for those young babies beginning to try their hand at standing and walking!

Inch Blue shoes are very reasonalbly priced, the come in a beautiful inch blue bag and make a perfect gift for birthdays, christmas, christenings or for a newborn gift! 

Grab your Inch blue shoes whilst you can as they are very popular :)

Bumgenius Organic all in ones

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Have you ever looked for a really easy to use nappy which benefits from being 100% organic?  Well look no further than the Bumgenius Organic all in one. 

The Bumgenius Organic all in one come in 9 bright different colours to chose from and with popper fastening your baby will never master cloth nappy streaking!! :)   Bumgenius organic all in one have an organic cotton soaker sewn into the gusset allowing easy putting on and off with no stuffing, no flattening and no taking apart needed.  Cotton being reasonably quick to dry makes the all in one a quick to dry cloth nappy also.

The bumgenius organic all in one is a one sized cloth nappy and will grow with your child so no different sizes are needed ones a set has been purchased.

The bumgenius Organic all in one is a fantastic easy to use, organic option and so well priced!! Bumgenius all in one

Cloth Nappy Trial Kit

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Just a reminder to everyone that we have a fabulous free nappy trial kit to the west Oxfordshire area!  This cloth nappy trial kit is full of all the fantastic real nappies we sell here at TeeHee Baby with brands including Bumgenius, Blueberry nappies, swaddlebees, Little Lamb Nappies, Itti Bitti and GreenKids

The cloth nappy trial kit will be delivered to your door, explained thoroughly and left for you to try for a week before collection.

We also have a national trial kit which features the same selection of our fabulous reusable nappies, and can be posted anywhere in the UK for the price of postage, plus a refundable deposit. We’ll even refund the postage if you go on to buy your nappy stash from TeeHee Baby! 

Contact us today for more details and to book your trial slot!

Little Lambs Cloth Nappy

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Are you looking for a fantastic made, budget option real nappy that really performs?   The little lamb nappy is an English designed  cloth nappy that wont let you down.

In 3 options from the Little Lamb nappy range from  the quick,highly absorbent microfibre, to the tradition cotton terry, to the organic, super thirsty bamboo, there is a little lamb nappy out there to suit everyone.

The Little Lamb nappy is slightly more traditional in style with an absorbent inner nappy and waterproof wrap separate.    This does not compromise performance, the total opposite in fact, it allows you to adapt the absorbency of the little lamb nappy by adding extra inserts and boosters between the cloth nappy and the  waterproof wrap making it a great option for night time cloth Nappy’s.  The Little Lamb nappy is a fantastic night nappy!

The waterproof  little lamb nappy wraps that come with Little Lamb nappies do not feel crispy or hard like the old fashioned nappy wraps, they are in fact soft as cotton and comfortable :)

The little lamb nappy is very affordable starting at just £6 per nappy and with just two sizes to purchase it works out very cheap in comparison to other cloth nappy options available.  The little lamb nappies are traditional, cute, fluffy and fantastic value for money!